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by: Brian Duff, Training Manager, CDRD

Many organizations find themselves evaluating the cost-benefit of having an in-house training function as it is perceived by many as an unnecessary cost to the company.  With this in mind, some companies choose to avail of training vendors in an ad-hoc fashion to provide training as needed.  I recently returned from a “Train the Trainer” course in Boston where it was perceived that this outsourcing model is quickly becoming outdated.  Like my Training Manager peers attending this course, we were all advocates for in-house training functions – and why wouldn’t we be?  After all, our jobs literally depend on it!  However, during this 3-day course, it soon became apparent that having a well-maintained, strategically-aligned training function within an organization helps fulfil both strategic and operational goals but also, it can ultimately save companies vast amounts of money by increasing productivity, efficiency and quality of their employees and the products and services they manufacture and provide.

The course, delivered by a Canadian firm, Langevin Learning Services, focused on the success of the training function in business with the use of the ADDIE (Analysis Design Delivery Implementation Evaluation) training methodology.  This methodology was flanked by planning and staffing functions, all of which formed a melting pot of ideas in my mind for the enhancement of training within CDRD.  I was provided with tools which will help me fine-tune training needs analyses in my role at CDRD along with a myriad of skills to help develop and deliver many different types of course content and additionally, tools required to evaluate this training all the way along in the process.  At CDRD, we are mandated to provide a new research and training model for building the pool of highly-qualified personnel and to this end, we have established a multidisciplinary training program composed of on-the-job, lab-based and office-based training, preclinical drug development and professional development workshops, seminars featuring speakers at the cutting edge of therapeutic advances and a one-to-one mentorship initiative.  Ultimately, we intend to extend the reach of our training program across Canada and internationally.

This course has provided me the opportunity to up-skill and in doing so will ultimately streamline all training objectives at CDRD, thus bolstering its position as an invaluable and prominent cog in the well-oiled CDRD engine.  So, watch this space as we continue to enhance the performance of the Training division at CDRD and beyond!



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