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CDRD’s greatest strength is the world-class investigators we work with. In 2009, our network reached approximately 240 life science researchers from across British Columbia. Today, that number has grown to more than 1,500 investigators engaged and cultivating commercial focus  at more than 50 Canadian and select international academic institutions (for more information on the specific Affiliated Institutions whose researchers have access to CDRD’s infrastructure and expertise, please click here).

We collaborate with these Investigators to identify projects with the greatest therapeutic and commercial potential. We then utilize our state-of-the-art drug development platform and specialized expertise, and jointly undertake outcomes-focused drug development under professional project management

CDRD is one of only a handful of fully integrated translational research organizations in the world—and the only one in Canada—with the in-house infrastructure and expertise to undertake all aspects of pre-clinical drug development and commercialization.

CDRD’s facilities and expertise are meant to complement what any single university or research institute can offer. Principal investigators — and their trainees — gain access to a fully equipped and fully staffed drug development platform. These internal platforms support each stage of the pre-clinical drug development process, from target validation, drug screening, medicinal chemistry and drug delivery to pharmacology/toxicology. Our newest platform in biologics focuses on the discovery and optimization of therapeutic antibodies — the fastest growing class of new medicines. Additional platforms in metabolomics, proteomics and genomics are also available through our affiliate research institutions.

Scientific excellence is at the heart of all CDRD activities. We have developed a rigorous process to quickly identify early-stage technologies with exceptional therapeutic and commercial potential. We then help researchers advance their technology to a stage where they can attract licensing partners, support the creation of a spin-off company, or secure additional capital for clinical development. Principal investigators retain control of their project throughout, and all original intellectual property remains with them and their institution.

CDRD supports the work of Investigators by:
  • Allowing you to stay with your technology as it advances towards commercialization
  • Identifying the critical components needed to help a new technology realize its commercial potential
  • Leveraging project-specific funding opportunities and grant funding
  • Supporting your applications for external research grants
  • Designing and conducting pivotal experiments tailored to your project
  • Providing access to our full drug development platform
  • Identifying and facilitating collaborations with industry and third-party investors
  • Creating opportunities to collaborate with scientists in complementary fields
  • Providing project management services based on industry best practices, and rigorous milestone-based project plans

For additional information on working with CDRD, investigators are encouraged to contact any of the following members of our Project Search and Evaluation Team:

Dr. Jason Crawford, VP Scientific Operations

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