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CDRD a unique partner in new $60M national cancer initiative

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), Canada’s national not-for-profit drug development and commercialization centre, is pleased to be a partner in the first Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) devoted to cancer research. The NCE, called Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment (BioCanRx), will be led by Dr. John Bell, a senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and professor at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. John Babcook, CDRD’s VP of Biologics, brings unique expertise and technology to this project. Using the SLAM (Selected Lymphocyte Antibody Method) technology he and the CDRD Biologics team developed in Canada, we will work with other research partners to focus on antibodies that recognize tumour cells but not normal tissues. These antibodies have the potential to be very effective tumour targeting reagents which will lead to improved therapeutic efficacy in cancer treatments.

CDRD President and CEO, Karimah Es Sabar commented, “This timely partnership with BioCanRx is an excellent example of two national organizations working together to accelerate Canada’s most promising biotherapeutics from the laboratory into clinical testing. We are very pleased to participate in this initiative providing unique technology and expertise developed here at CDRD.”

More information about BioCanRx and the announcement can be found here:

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For additional information, contact:
Julia White
Manager, Communications
The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD)
Cell: 604-307-2372

About CDRD:
The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) is Canada’s fully-integrated national drug development and commercialization centre, providing expertise and infrastructure to enable researchers from leading health research institutions to advance promising early-stage drug candidates. Our mandate is to de-risk discoveries stemming from publicly-funded health research and transform them into viable investment opportunities for the private sector — thus successfully bridging the commercialization gap between academia and industry, and translating research discoveries into new therapies for patients. Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence Program has recognized CDRD as a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR).

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