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Persomics Seminar


CDRD is hosting Neil Emans, CEO of Persomics who will provide a seminar of the use of high density siRNA arrays for drug discovery, particularly in target identification and validation. Neil has spent the last decade developing and patenting high throughput automated cell based technology, principally using RNA interference methodology. He has applied this to discover and patent target genes involved in human infection caused by HIV, Trypanosomal parasitism and Listeria bacteria.

Persomics technology miniaturizes, accelerates and increases the scale of phenotypic screening. Researchers investigating the function of the human genome and disease are no longer limited by cost, but by their need to discover more. Persomics’ ImagineArrayTM Plates enable researchers to silence thousands of genes in a single assay. Each ImagineArrayTM Plate is a pre- printed, ready-to-run microarray that simultaneously silences up to 3200 genes. Persomics’ proprietary technology encapsulates siRNA and all other reagents needed into individual optically addressable spots on a glass chip.

June 10, 2016
11:30am to 12:30pm

CDRD Headquarters
2405 Wesbrook Mall (UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building)
Room 1201

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