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Tom Pfeifer

Head, Screening

Tom Pfeifer received his BSc from the University of British Columbia (UBC), and his PhD in Applied Microbiology/Molecular Biology from the University of Saskatchewan. During a post-doctoral fellowship in molecular genetics, he co-developed an insect-based protein expression system that was patented and licensed out of UBC. He was also co-founder of a small successful CRO that created stable insect cell lines for the purpose of large scale expression of complex human therapeutic proteins.  Further technology development led to the creation of functional cell-based assays for human GPCR’s, resulting in a second patent application that was spun out into NeuroTherapeutics Inc, which Dr Pfeifer joined as a senior scientist.

Dr. Pfeifer has lead and managed several multifaceted projects including: pharmacogenomics of aldoketoreductases and serotonin receptors in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC; the genomics and proteomic analysis of spinal cord damage at iCORD; and natural products screening for GPCR modulators. Dr Pfeifer has published over 40 papers and participated in four patent applications.

"We've brought on a number of graduates of the CDRD Training Program as full-time permanent employees here at STEMCELL. They are by far the most industry-prepared of all our new recruits."
- Dr. Allen Eaves, President and CEO, STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

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