Transforming Discovery into Opportunity

Murray Webb

Head, Pharmacology & Toxicology

Dr. Webb has 23 years of drug discovery and development experience in both industrial and academic settings, with a focus on the conduct and management of translational preclinical studies supporting the entry of novel drugs into clinical trials. This expertise includes an extensive background in vivo efficacy, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic studies, ADME/biodistribution studies, non-GLP and GLP toxicology studies, drug combination studies and natural products.

Dr. Webb also has expertise in the regulatory requirements for novel oncology in clinical testing and has initiated and managed Phase I and II cancer clinical trials. Collectively, Dr. Webb has more than 90 published research articles, including 32 patents (seven granted) and is the co-inventor of Marqibo®, FDA approved for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, plus five novel drugs in advanced preclinical and clinical testing by three different US-based companies.

"We've brought on a number of graduates of the CDRD Training Program as full-time permanent employees here at STEMCELL. They are by far the most industry-prepared of all our new recruits."
- Dr. Allen Eaves, President and CEO, STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

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