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+ CDRD Chemistry Makes for a Unique Co-Op Experience

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by B G No Comments


As a chemistry student from the University of Victoria, my interests lie broadly in science and its role in the environment around us.  Among my favorite reasons for studying on the West Coast is the varied landscape — literally within a day you can visit a sandy beach and the peak of a mountain.  This interest led me to the field of natural products and its role in medicinal chemistry, which spurred me to pursue a co-op posting in the biotech industry.

I chose to pursue a position at CDRD because I was interested in its link between academia and industry, and how that relationship might lead to further opportunities to network in the biotech field.  I was intrigued by the varied areas of expertise and how they might accelerate my professional development and overall knowledge of drug development.  I was also excited to work in the medicinal chemistry group, which I felt would expand my technical skills while learning more about what it takes to develop a commercially-viable product.

After an eight month co-op term, I can honestly say my posting has exceeded these expectations.  Working at CDRD has immersed me in a passionate scientific environment with a dynamic staff of varied backgrounds who are positive and willing mentors. Beyond CDRD, I have had the opportunity to meet numerous scientists from local biotech companies, from scientific staff to their CEOs.  There have been numerous training seminars that have accelerated my personal and professional development; as well, CDRD’s proximity on the UBC campus allowed for attendance at seminars hosted by various university faculties.  Beyond the work environment, I have truly enjoyed living in the city of Vancouver.  I would wholeheartedly recommend CDRD to all those seeking to advance their knowledge and skills of drug development.

Damon Gilmour
CDRD Co-Op Student, Medicinal Chemistry Division


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