Transforming Discovery into Opportunity

Key Achievements

CDRD Key Achievements to Date

Since becoming fully operational in 2008, CDRD has already achieved a number of key milestones and outcomes, making a significant impact on Canada’s drug development environment.

 Highlights of outcomes to date…

  • 1,455 drug development projects evaluated
  • 828 potential projects / technologies reviewed
  • 209 projects undertaken (on 134 distinct technologies)
  • 58 projects advanced towards commercialization and/or commercialized
  • 14 technologies out-licensed to the private sector or under current development / management
  • 7 spin-off companies launched
  • Over 50 affiliated and partner institutions
  • 72 new patents generated
  • 29 collaborations on scientific publications
  • $118 million in grant funding raised for collaborative projects with PIs
  • Over $60 million in international pharmaceutical sector investment attracted
  • $220 million in incremental commercially-focused health research being conducted as result of CDRD
  • 179 Post Doctoral Fellows, co-op students and interns through the CDRD Training Program
  • 9,000+ expert R&D hours provided to 26 scale-up companies


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