Transforming Discovery into Opportunity

Target Validation

Head, Edie Dullaghan, PhD (bio)

At the root of all drug discovery is the identification of new targets, defined as molecular structures that interact specifically with drugs to treat a disease. To date, ~400 druggable targets have been identified, but with the advent of new genomics and proteomics approaches such as microarray analyses of gene expression, comparative proteomic analyses and bioinformatics, it is predicted that the identification up to 3,000 additional drug targets is possible.

The Division facilitates the identification of novel drug targets, validation of targets, development assays, and determination of off-target effects. Capabilities include global transcriptional analyses using microarrays, multiplex screening for chemokines and cytokines, access to x-ray crystallography, 2D NMR structures, tissue culture, confocal imaging and solid phase synthesis of peptides.

The Division provides PIs with help in performing global transcriptional analyses, microarrays, global gene expression, comparative proteomic analyses, and bioinformatics.

Our expertise is not limited to the listed techniques. Assays to assess targets can be developed based on program needs.

Capabilities and Expertise:
  • Affymetrix Microarray platform
  • Systems biology perspective for both gene expression profiling and DNA analysis
  • Bioinformatics support and analysis:
  • R Bioconductor for various microarray technologies
  • Full analysis of RNA-sequencing data
  • Genome genotyping, whole transcript exon expression profiling and ChIP on chip.
  • Quantitative and qualitative applications for genetic research
  • Unparalleled specificity and sensitivity on genotyping, gene expression profiling, and methylation analysis
  • Meso Scale Discovery SECTOR Imager 2400
  • Ultra-low noise charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras with custom-designed telecentric lenses for rapid detection in all MULTI-ARRAY® or MULTI- SPOT® plates
  • Ideal for applications on multiplexing biomarker detection requiring high information content and high throughput
  • Immunostaining of human and animal tissues (IHC and IFC)
  • Access and training for in-house confocal microscope (fixed and live cell imaging)
  • Time-lapse immunofluorescence live-imaging of rapid cell responses in tissues or cell culture
  • Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Synergy Testing
  • Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MICs) with clinically relevant bacteria strains
  • Generation of resistance testing with a broad spectrum of bacteria
  • Capabilities include in vivo efficacy model development
  • Assay Development and Transfer

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