Transforming Discovery into Opportunity

Drug Delivery

Senior Director (Advanced Projects) & Head (Analytical Chemistry), Richard Liggins, PhD (bio)
Head (Formulation), Anthony Boey, PhD (bio)

For a new drug to be effective, the drug must reach its site of action in the body at an appropriate rate of delivery, at an appropriate concentration, and for a sufficient duration of time. The route of drug administration, the dose and dosing frequency, and the drug formulation all act together to affect the therapeutic outcome. CDRD’s Drug Delivery Division focuses on the formulation of drugs, from novel small molecule therapeutics to the new macromolecular therapeutics coming from proteomics and genomics research. While CDRD has capabilities in all types of drug formulations, it has particular expertise in the use of nano-delivery technologies (polymer or lipid-based) for more efficient targeting of a drug and polymeric depot formulations for sustained release of a drug.

The Division has state-of-the-art equipment for physical and chemical characterization of drugs and excipients, for formulation and for analytical testing. Specialized equipment includes a calorimetry suite, an analytical facility, access to microscopy equipment including a surface confocal microscope and cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy equipment, and physicochemical characterization tools such as particle size and zeta potential analyzers.

Capabilities and Expertise
  • Drug and excipient characterization
  • Rapid solubility and dissolution screening
  • Complete physical and chemical stability profiling
  • Drug-ligand binding interactions by ITC
  • Polymer molecular weight and nanoparticle size distribution measurement
  • Moisture sorption and thermal analysis
  • Formulation
  • Development of conventional oral and injectable formulations
  • Expertise in lipid, polymer and inorganic nanoparticle delivery of hydrophobic drugs & biomolecules such as RNA, DNA and peptides
  • Topical films and gels
  • Assay development
  • Analytical and bioanalytical assays: Robust assays for drug quantitation at sub-nM conc. in blood and tissue samples by LC- MS/MS
  • Drug release assays and correlation with in vivo efficacy
  • Stability-indicating assays for product stability
  • Fluorescently and radioactively labeled formulations for PK, cell and tissue distribution studies

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