Transforming Discovery into Opportunity


Head: Ismael Samudio, PhD (bio)

CDRD has extended its drug development platform beyond small molecules to include biologics since antibody-based therapeutics are currently the fastest growing segment within the pharmaceutical market. Established in 2011, the Biologics Division focuses on the discovery and optimization of monoclonal antibodies against a significant number of molecular targets in a wide range of diseases.

The integration of world class Biologics platforms and expertise into CDRD provides Canadian and international researchers access to commercialization opportunities in this rapidly expanding area of drug development. A number of collaborations with the research community and life sciences industry have now been established to generate potent therapeutic antibodies for treating patients suffering from grievous disease.

Capabilities and Expertise
  • Highly efficient antibody generation platforms
  • Murine Hybridoma
  • Primary B-cell culture systems
  • Functional assay expertise
  • Humanization
  • Affinity maturation
  • Antibody-Drug-Conjugate (ADC) platform
  • Bi-specific antibody platform
  • CAR-T platform
  • Bioanalytical and process development capabilities

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